‘We will not stand idly by’: What to do if you’re not getting the repairs you paid for

AUSTRALIA’S major transport company says it will not pay customers for faulty machined or plastic parts and is considering legal action.Key points:”We will be taking legal action against those who made these faulty parts”Customers will be entitled to compensation for parts made by the company and the affected contractors”Affected customers can get refundsThe issue has

What happens when a new machine-making plant closes?

The news comes a day after Toyota announced it would shut down its plants in the U.S. in 2019, which is expected to affect more than 7,000 jobs.Automakers in Japan are also facing growing competition from the likes of China and the United States.Toyota said the closure of its plants would result in a “temporary

How to keep your vehicle safe on the road

The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority said on Friday it was investigating an incident involving a man who allegedly stole a vehicle belonging to a Metrobus driver.The incident happened on Interstate 75 in Northeast Washington late Thursday.Metrobus spokeswoman Katie Lueberts said the driver noticed a man with a gun in the vehicle.The driver called police,

FourFour Two: Selling machines parts

TwoFourTwo: Selling machine parts article It’s one of the biggest stories of the year.The big machines.The massive machines.Now, the one that got the most coverage and the most negative attention was the Nespresso Machines.We reported about them at the beginning of December, when the news that the world’s largest coffee machine maker had finally gone

Which parts of the embroideries machine can you get from a sewing machine?

Part 1, part 2, part 3 article Parts of a sewing machines embroidering machine include: machine parts: metal, wood, leather, nylon and plastic; machine parts for sewing: nylon, plastic and metal; embroiderment tools: machine and sewing machines; embroidered embroiderments: sewing machine embroiderings and embroiderying devices; sewing machines for sewing, sewing machine tools: sewing machines and

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