‘We will not stand idly by’: What to do if you’re not getting the repairs you paid for

AUSTRALIA’S major transport company says it will not pay customers for faulty machined or plastic parts and is considering legal action.

Key points:”We will be taking legal action against those who made these faulty parts”Customers will be entitled to compensation for parts made by the company and the affected contractors”Affected customers can get refundsThe issue has been around for some time, but it is only now that it has come to light that the issue is now affecting the vast majority of customers.

It’s understood the issue has not been reported by many other companies, meaning the damage is not being reported by all of the affected suppliers.”

We do not want to be the one to have to take the blame, but we have to do something,” chief executive of major transport operator ANZ, Tom McManus, told the ABC.”

This is not acceptable and we are taking action.

“As the Commonwealth, we have a responsibility to our customers to ensure we get the goods they pay for, we are working to find solutions for all customers affected.”

The ANZ has been under pressure to address the problem, which it said had been reported to the company on October 21, and that it had been unable to get the issue fixed by that time.

Mr McManuses said ANZ was working to resolve the issue by the end of the month, with the goal of being back on the road as soon as possible.

“It’s a long way off, but I would expect to have a solution in place in the coming days,” he said.

“There are many suppliers out there who have done a great job in terms of getting the parts repaired, and I think it’s only fair for them to get some compensation for those customers who are stuck with them.”

Mr McManagers said the problem affected the bulk of ANZ’s customers and that the company was considering taking legal advice over whether to take legal action over the matter.

He said ANL’s policy was to not pay for faulty parts, and was investigating the possibility of legal action by the consumer.

“What we have is not a problem that has been identified and identified and resolved,” he told the Australian Financial Review.

“The issue that has arisen is one that we have identified, and we have been investigating.”

When we have had a complaint about a part, we can look at it and assess whether we have sufficient evidence to prove that there’s a problem.”‘

The system isn’t broken’The ANL said it had worked with suppliers to identify and resolve the problem.”

If the supplier was unable to resolve their issue, ANL will contact them to discuss compensation for customers,” it said in a statement.”

However, if the supplier is unwilling to provide compensation, ANZ will then seek legal advice.

“The problem was first identified by the Australian Government, which has contacted all affected suppliers and contacted suppliers directly.

It said it would be sending a report to the ACCC, which had the power to make claims for negligence and consumer detriment.”

Customer complaints are heard in an open and transparent way and the ACCc will not be influenced by industry lobbyists to get their way,” a spokesperson for the ACCCC told the Financial Review in a written statement.

Customers could be able to claim compensation from ANZ on its website.”

These customers can access a detailed statement of claim, and also receive a written notice,” it added.”

For customers who cannot access the statement of account, they can request a copy via email.

“Annexes for the statement are available on the ANZ website.”

Mr McMannus said the company would take legal advice from its legal department over the next 24 hours and had been working with the ACCAC and the Australian Consumer Law Reform Commission.

“In the meantime, ANA is working to address this issue as quickly as possible,” he added.

Mr McMManus said ANA had been in touch with suppliers who were working to fix the issue, and they had agreed to help.

“Our aim is to have the product fixed as soon at as possible, and so the sooner we can get it back into service, the sooner the ACC will be able get a claim,” he noted.”ANZ is working with suppliers, as well as other industry players, to ensure that the affected parts are repaired and in a good condition.”


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