Sweater machine part maker Enigma Machine Parts has ‘no plans to sell’

Enigma is “not planning to sell” its “sweater part” business, according to its former CEO Peter McBride.

The Australian arm of the US firm, which is based in Melbourne, was founded in 2005.

Mr McBride, who has held a number of roles at Enigma, has told the ABC he was unaware of any plans for the company to sell the “sweat-saver” machine parts business.

He said he had been “very surprised” to learn of the “no plans” to sell part of the business, which was a “key piece of our business”.

“It was something we had a great relationship with and a lot of customers that we’ve had a huge amount of success with,” he said.

“When I found out about it, I was very surprised.”

It’s not something I’ve seen on our website or anywhere else.

“There’s no plans for us to sell.

We’re not planning to do that.”

Mr McWilliams said the business had been operating as an independent company since 2006.

He declined to comment on whether Enigma had any “contracts” with any of the companies involved.

Mr McMorrows departure was announced in March and the company has since launched an external review.

He has previously denied that Enigma’s operations were in disarray, saying it was the result of the firm being unable to find qualified employees.

“We’re doing well in the industry, our business is doing well and we’re going to do well in Australia,” Mr McWilliams told ABC radio.

“I think it’s important for everyone to realise that, as a business, that it’s not going to be successful here.”

Mr McMooks recent comments have been criticised by Labor’s former senior adviser on innovation and entrepreneurship, Chris Bergman.

Mr Bergman said he believed the business was “in the best position” to operate in Australia, given the number of companies involved in the manufacturing of its machines.

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