Which of these metal parts will survive the wreck of a ship?

A few weeks after the sinking of the Costa Concordia, an Italian salvage company has launched a bid to find the remains of the ship’s metal parts.

The company, Salvadora Salvatore, has spent years seeking to recover parts of the Concordia’s hull and superstructure, which is estimated to have lost more than 200,000 tonnes of cargo, fuel and passengers.

The hull and its superstructure are now the subject of a court case in Italy and Salvador is seeking to salvage some of the wreck.

What the experts are saying The Costa Concordio sank on June 14, 2016, when it capsized off Giglio, about 130km (75 miles) south-east of Venice.

The vessel was carrying 3,500 tonnes of fuel and other cargo when it hit a reef, breaking its side into several pieces.

Salvadoras first idea was to have the ship towed to shore, but that never happened, according to the company.

So it turned to salvage, says Gianluca Botta, Salvadoro Salvatorem’s head of salvage.

The wreck’s salvage is not a typical salvage operation.

Salvadororas first aim is to recover some of its metal parts, which would be very valuable, he said.

These are the superstructure of the vessel, the bulkheads, the hull, the engines, the propellers, the fuel tank.

Salvagors are looking for the remaining parts of what would have been the ship, which they say is very important, because if it is not recovered, it will not survive.

Mr Botta told the BBC the parts have to be at least 30mm thick.

He said that the ship had been in good condition since it left port, but the salvage operation has now turned to finding the wreck’s hull, which could be at depths of about 1,000m.

The ship was a huge vessel and weighed around 6,000 tons.

Salvaramento Salvatori Salvadoror, the company, says it is confident it can find the shipwreck’s wreck in a year.

But it will have to wait until after the court case.

In the meantime, the Italian government has pledged to donate all the wreckage it finds to a foundation.

Salvaging the ship means that the salvage company can take the whole wreck back to Italy and make a donation to the ship and its owners.

The Costa’s hull is believed to be about 60 metres (198ft) long, about as long as a tennis court, and is estimated at a total weight of about 4,500 tons.

It was built in the late 1800s, and was used by the Italian navy during the Napoleonic wars.

Salvagero Salvato, a shipwreck recovery company based in Tuscany, Italy, is also looking for a few pieces of the superstructures.

It says its plan is to use its own shipwreck, and the wreckage from the Concordio, to recover the parts.

Salvatores first hope will be to find more pieces of wreckage, so that it can rebuild the ship so it can return to service in the future.

Mr Salvatoro said he hopes the ship can be salvaged, but not as an object, and that he has not made any final plans for how he would use the pieces.

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