‘We are living in a time of reckoning’: The people who control the media and the political system

In this series, we explore how we’re seeing our society transformed by the forces that control our news cycle and our minds, from the media moguls and pundits who control our narrative to the political machines who shape our choices and our futures.

This week: What does a media mogul make?

How do they do it?

What does it take to make money?

And what does it cost to create a new media mogul?

Read more New York magazine: “In 2016, the media was obsessed with Donald Trump.

In 2017, it was obsessed by the Trump administration.”

–David Cay Johnston, The New Yorker The media mogul and the media insider are the new bosses.

For a long time, they’ve been the two highest-paid and most influential people in the country, thanks to their power and influence in the news industry.

But the media empire has been expanding in the last year, and with Trump in the White House, the power of the media has taken on new dimensions.

It’s not just that they’re now the most powerful people in America, it’s that they can control the narrative.

This month: Who controls the media?

Who decides what we read, watch, and listen to?

And how much do they pay?

Read this month: The new boss is in charge of the news cycle.

Who owns the narrative?

What are the forces at work behind the curtain?

And why do they matter?

Read more The new media mogula: The billionaire who controls the news This week, we’re examining the role of a media magnate.

It turns out, that billionaire has a lot to do with what we watch, read, and hear, and what we make of it.

In 2018, The Washington Post called him “the richest person in America.”

But what does he make?

And can he be trusted?

Read More The new bosses: The media mogul who controls politics and the presidency In 2018: Who is a media mogule?

Who owns news?

Who determines what we see, hear, or read?

And are the media’s new moguls trustworthy?

In 2018 and beyond: Is Donald Trump the new boss?

What happens when a president who has built his political career by creating a media empire, such as Trump, becomes president?

In 2017: Why do we need to understand the media power dynamics in order to understand how to shape our lives?

And who decides what’s important in our lives, and how much we’re paid?

Read This month in the Trump era: How much money do moguls make?

What do they get out of it?

And will they make more money than ever?

Read the full story.David Cay

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