How to make a metal slot machine parts slot machine machine

You can buy all sorts of cool machines at malls and on eBay.

But what if you can’t afford to go out and buy a new machine or parts?

There’s a way to make your own slot machine at home.

You may already be familiar with a number of these machines that can be used for fun or for business.

You can find them at malls or on eBay, and if you want to make one for yourself, you’ll need a few things: a small drill, a small screwdriver and a small piece of wood.

Here’s how.

First, you need a slot machine.

I like to think of my machine as a “slide board.”

It has a small slot that you slide a metal ball into.

The ball is pushed up to the slot, and then it slides back out.

The slot has a hole in the middle, so you can slide the ball up there.

The slideboard also has a sliding part that slides down into the slot.

So when you slide the slide board up, it slides the ball down into that slot.

If you’re like me, you have a few other ideas.

If you want a larger slot machine that you can use for play, you could try one with a “basket” of coins.

You could even build your own, using the slots on the outside of the machine.

You’d need to drill a small hole into the bottom of the basket to make the slots, and you’d need a screwdriver.

You might also have to buy the metal parts from the mall.

But you don’t have to do anything.

If all you need is a tiny drill bit, a bit of wood and a slot to make it, you can probably get away with building your own machine.

To make the parts slot, you start by drilling a hole into a small flat piece of metal called a slot.

Then, use a small wrench to slide a piece of cardboard into the hole.

That cardboard will hold the slot in place, and it will keep the metal in place while you slide your metal ball down.

Then you slide that metal ball back out of the slot to be pushed back up again.

The metal ball will stay in place as long as the plastic part holds the slot into place.

Once it’s in place again, it can slide up the slot without moving the metal ball at all.

If all you really need is the plastic parts, you probably don’t need to worry about making them at all, as long the plastic is the right material.

But if you don, you may want to check out a metal part store, like the one on the right, or an online shop like Amazon.

The parts part store has a large selection of the parts you’ll want to use, but the parts shop on eBay is usually a better option for parts that are available.

In this video, I explain the process of making a metal parts slot.

The instructions are in English.

To make your metal parts, follow the instructions carefully, but make sure you drill a hole at the bottom.

The holes will be the only part of the video that requires any special attention.

The metal part parts slot you can buy at the mall: the bottom part is made of plastic, and the top part is a plastic part.

You may need a drill to make them, but you can drill a large hole to make this part.

Once you have the metal part, slide it up into the slots.

When you slide down the metal balls, they will slide down into this hole.

After you slide them back up, the metal can slide back down again.

When you’re done with the metal, it’s time to make another part of your machine.

That’s the slot you make in the video.

It looks like a large, round part.

The only part that is different from the metal is that it’s made of a metal piece, and that’s why it’s called a metal component part.

Now, the slot itself is made out of plastic.

Slide a piece down into it, and slide a plastic piece up into it.

You’ll need to slide that plastic up in to the slots and push the plastic up into them, so it will stick.

Once you have it up, you just slide the plastic back down.

Once that’s all done, the plastic will stick back into the holes.

After that, you should be able to slide your ball up into that plastic slot.

Now the ball will slide back up into its slot.

Once it’s back in, it will slide up into this slot.

When it’s done, it should be in place.

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