How the machines work

The robots are not making a dime, but they’re making a big impact on the economy.

For example, Amazon has been shipping hundreds of thousands of pounds of food and other products to customers in countries like India and Vietnam.

That has helped the country avoid a food shortage, according to data from the World Bank.

Meanwhile, China, the world’s largest economy, has been able to expand its own manufacturing to compete with U.S. rivals like Apple, which has been churning out its own iPhones and iPads.

In fact, China is now the world leader in assembling its own goods.

The robots aren’t cheap.

A lot of the machinery used in the manufacturing process is made of metal.

It costs about $4.5 billion to build each machine, said Tom Bowers, a professor at the Johns Hopkins University.

And the price of the equipment itself is still rising.

In China, robots typically cost $40,000, he said.

“You’re paying $40 per hour for that to be the best you can get,” Bowers said.

That’s the way the companies profit.

“I think it’s a lot of money, but it’s not the money they want,” said Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s co-founder and chief executive.

“It’s not a luxury they want.

It’s a necessity.”

The robots have made their way into a number of industries.

The United States has been working to develop robotic technology that would help improve the lives of workers in factories, such as a robotic “robot bridge” that could help connect workers to their work and could reduce the amount of time it takes for a worker to move a robot around the factory floor.

China, by contrast, has invested heavily in its own robot technology.

Its first robots were built for the country’s state-owned industry giant, Shenzhen Automobile, in the 1970s.

Its latest ones are mostly used to assemble consumer goods like clothing, furniture, shoes and other items.

The technology is still relatively primitive, said Dan Rees, director of the robotics research center at the University of Michigan.

But robots are becoming more sophisticated, which will make it easier for the companies to produce the robots needed for their production.

And robots are also helping the companies that make those products move more efficiently and cut costs.

For instance, the manufacturing of textiles is a complex, high-volume business that costs tens of millions of dollars a year.

Companies can use robots to speed up the process, and robots can also be used to cut costs by cutting down on the number of parts that need to be made.

“Robots are making a lot more of the decisions,” said Michael Kors, vice president of global operations for the Textile Industry Association of North America, which represents about 70 manufacturers.

Robots could also save manufacturing plants from having to move machinery around the globe.

“The manufacturing process, as a whole, is being disrupted,” said Chris Anderson, senior vice president for research at IHS Markit.

“We need to start thinking about a more automated, lower-cost manufacturing process.”

One way companies are using robots to automate the process is with a robot factory.

The idea is to automate what are called “automated processes,” or “a machine that goes into a factory and works on a factory floor and gets paid.”

The idea has been around for some time.

In the 1970’s, a robot was used to manufacture parts for an electric bicycle.

Then, in 2007, a company called BAE Systems developed a robot to manufacture the components used in autonomous cars.

The company later added robots to other kinds of production.

But there’s still a lot going on in the field.

“There’s still this perception that robots are just going to be a substitute for humans,” said Matt Ristow, a research professor at Columbia University who specializes in robotics and automation.

“And that’s not true.”

The technology behind automated production has changed quite a bit over the past few years.

It is now more complicated, and the cost has gone up.

In addition, many of the companies building robots are in the technology space.

And there are a lot fewer barriers to entry in the industry, such that there are fewer barriers than there used to be.

Still, it’s still unclear how well the robots will perform.

Some are already in use, such the robot bridge that allows for automated transportation for some of the components in automobiles, or the machine that builds parts for aerospace manufacturing.

And while many of those robots have been in use for decades, there is no shortage of robots to use in factories.

In recent years, China has invested in a lot and has been expanding its manufacturing capabilities.

In 2016, China made a total of about $1.8 trillion in investments, according the Wall Street Journal.

But a lot is still up for grabs.

There are still a number obstacles to overcome before the robots can truly compete with the best in the world, said Bowers.

“This is not a simple race,” he said,

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