GOP senator seeks to force Comey testimony before House Judiciary Committee

Senator Lindsey Graham is asking a Senate Judiciary Committee to force Attorney General Jeff Sessions to answer questions about his role in the FBI’s investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn’s Russia ties, according to the Washington Examiner.

The move comes as Graham is preparing a letter to President Donald Trump and other top White House officials that will accuse the Justice Department of violating the Constitution.

Graham’s letter comes after The Hill published an article detailing a Justice Department investigation into whether Flynn lied to the FBI about his contacts with Russia during the 2016 campaign.

Graham has been pushing for a Senate Intelligence Committee investigation into Flynn’s ties to Russia for months.

Graham said during a hearing in January that he hoped to force Sessions to testify before the committee.

“I am not a fan of leaks.

I would not like a leak to go out that I am going to subpoena a former senior official of the Department of Justice,” Graham said.

“But I do think it is important to get answers to questions about the Department’s role in this investigation.”

He said he was confident that Sessions could answer the questions he asked.

“In the absence of an answer, it is not appropriate to make a referral to the Judiciary Committee for a referral of that matter,” Graham wrote in his letter.

The senator added that the FBI investigation into the Flynn ties should be taken seriously, and that “any and all possible involvement of the President or anyone else in any improper actions by the Department, including the possibility of collusion, should be investigated.”

Graham’s move comes after Trump’s former FBI director, James Comey, testified before the Senate Intelligence panel last week.

He testified that he did not remember seeing any contemporaneous notes of conversations between Flynn and Kislyak during the campaign.

Comey said he thought the calls were meant to “establish the basis” for Flynn to accept a position at the Trump transition team.

Comey also testified that Flynn had not been told of his conversations with Kislyak before the January inauguration.

Trump and his administration have repeatedly called Comey a liar, and the president has called the former FBI chief a “showboat.”

Trump has denied any wrongdoing by Flynn and said that he fired Comey because of the Russia probe.

The president also said in a tweet on Monday that Flynn should resign because of his contacts to the Russians.

“General Flynn should have never been in charge of the FBI,” Trump tweeted.

“If the General is not willing to testify, he should immediately step down!”

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